Friday, November 30, 2012

Why limit yourself to one ‘big box’ when you can Give the Gift of Lincolnton?

Holiday Products and Services Buying Guide
These…(and more) are available downtown with

Jingle Bucks Gift Certificates

Antiques, Art, Apples, Art Glass, Apparel, Alterations, Accounting
Bicycles, Books, Beer, Blouses, Bonds, Blueprints, Baseball Caps, Beauty products, Belts, Bracelets, Brakes, Batteries, Briefcases, Business Cards, Bookkeeping
Coffee, Clocks, Clothes, Candy, Chairs, Chocolates, Coins, Chiropractic, Community Concerts, Candles, Cards
Dance Lessons, Doughnuts, Dental Work, Donations, Dresses, Delivery, Dream Dates
Education, Engraving, Exercise, Entertainment, Exhaust systems
Flowers, Fishing supplies, Frames, Fabric, Fireplace Inserts, French Fries, Furniture
Gas, Graphic Design, Grooming, Grills, Golf Shirts, Gift Certificates, Gold, Gift Baskets
Haircuts, HVAC systems, Home D├ęcor, Handbags, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Hearing Aids
Ice Cream, Insurance, Inspections, Investments, Industrial Supplies
Jewelry, Jackets, Juice, Jeans,
Karate, Knick Knacks, Knifes, Knobs, Knowledge
Lunch, Lettuce, Legal Aid, Lincoln Landmark Miniatures, Lollipops, Library Fines, Lipstick,
Muffins, Mufflers, Massage, Mutual Funds, Makeup, Manicures, Music Concerts
Necklaces, Newspapers, Notebooks, Nail Polish
Office Supplies, Office Space, Ottomans, Offering, Ornaments
Pottery, Pastry, Pizza, PCs. Printing, Piano Lessons, Permits, Pools, Pasta, Plants, Painted Pots, Physician Visits, Psychologist Visits, Pocketbooks, Pants, Paper, Photography, Portraits, Parade Entries
Roses, Ribbons, Rings, Repairs, Roller Covers, Real Estate
Supper, Stamps, Stocks, Soft Drinks, Signs, Shampoo, Shirts, Scrapbooks, Scissors, Shoes
Tires, Trophies, T-Shirts, Tithes, Tax filing, Tuxedos, Tables, Tea, Theater Tickets
Utility Bills
Vacuums, Violin Lessons, Vegetables, Variances, Valances
Wine, Wheels, Washes, Watches, Water Filters, Wills, Wreaths
Yogurt, Yuengling