Friday, November 30, 2012

Why limit yourself to one ‘big box’ when you can Give the Gift of Lincolnton?

Holiday Products and Services Buying Guide
These…(and more) are available downtown with

Jingle Bucks Gift Certificates

Antiques, Art, Apples, Art Glass, Apparel, Alterations, Accounting
Bicycles, Books, Beer, Blouses, Bonds, Blueprints, Baseball Caps, Beauty products, Belts, Bracelets, Brakes, Batteries, Briefcases, Business Cards, Bookkeeping
Coffee, Clocks, Clothes, Candy, Chairs, Chocolates, Coins, Chiropractic, Community Concerts, Candles, Cards
Dance Lessons, Doughnuts, Dental Work, Donations, Dresses, Delivery, Dream Dates
Education, Engraving, Exercise, Entertainment, Exhaust systems
Flowers, Fishing supplies, Frames, Fabric, Fireplace Inserts, French Fries, Furniture
Gas, Graphic Design, Grooming, Grills, Golf Shirts, Gift Certificates, Gold, Gift Baskets
Haircuts, HVAC systems, Home D├ęcor, Handbags, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Hearing Aids
Ice Cream, Insurance, Inspections, Investments, Industrial Supplies
Jewelry, Jackets, Juice, Jeans,
Karate, Knick Knacks, Knifes, Knobs, Knowledge
Lunch, Lettuce, Legal Aid, Lincoln Landmark Miniatures, Lollipops, Library Fines, Lipstick,
Muffins, Mufflers, Massage, Mutual Funds, Makeup, Manicures, Music Concerts
Necklaces, Newspapers, Notebooks, Nail Polish
Office Supplies, Office Space, Ottomans, Offering, Ornaments
Pottery, Pastry, Pizza, PCs. Printing, Piano Lessons, Permits, Pools, Pasta, Plants, Painted Pots, Physician Visits, Psychologist Visits, Pocketbooks, Pants, Paper, Photography, Portraits, Parade Entries
Roses, Ribbons, Rings, Repairs, Roller Covers, Real Estate
Supper, Stamps, Stocks, Soft Drinks, Signs, Shampoo, Shirts, Scrapbooks, Scissors, Shoes
Tires, Trophies, T-Shirts, Tithes, Tax filing, Tuxedos, Tables, Tea, Theater Tickets
Utility Bills
Vacuums, Violin Lessons, Vegetables, Variances, Valances
Wine, Wheels, Washes, Watches, Water Filters, Wills, Wreaths
Yogurt, Yuengling

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DDA Recognizes Entreprenurial Success with 2012 Milestone Awards

The Downtown Development Association recognizes businesses in downtown for their entrepreneurial success at five year intervals. Often great attention is given to the attraction of new business to a community neglecting the contribution and support existing businesses make to the local economy and community.

The Main Street Milestone Award acknowledges the significant contributions these small businesses make to create local jobs, increase the local tax base and improve the quality of life for local residents. It highlights and celebrates the individual entrepreneurial success stories that make Lincolnton such a great place to live, work, play and belong.

The following Businesses were recognized during the intermission on Thursday, September 27 at the Buddy Stasney's Alive After Five summer concert series finale.
§         Stroup’s Jewelers – 60 Years
§         City Lunch – 55 Years
§         Pendleton, Pendleton & Deaton – 55 Years
§         First Citizens Bank – 50 Years
§         Sherrill, Blake & Harrison CPA PA – 40 Years
§         Katie Wood, Inc. – 30 Years
§         Vincent Hair Studio – 25 Years
§         Rising Sun Pottery – 15 Years
§         Kate McCall – 10 Years
§         Color Me Pretty – 5 Years
§         Freedom on the Square – 5 Years
§         Heavenly Paws Grooming – 5 Years
§         Personal Home Care of North Carolina – 5 Years
Shelly from Personal Home Care of NC accepts award from DDA Boad Chair, Osama Yousef.

Sheila from Katie Wood, Inc. accepts award from DDA Boad Chair, Osama Yousef.

Brian from City Lunch accepts award from DDA Boad Chair, Osama Yousef.

Brooke, Cindy & Dana from Sherrill, Blake & Harrison CPA PA accept award
from DDA Boad Chair, Osama Yousef.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Celebrate Your Independents: Independents Days July 1-14

Independents Days is a time to recognize Lincolnton’s local independent businesses. It is a celebration of local entrepreneurship and the solid foundation these small businesses provide the local economy. Join in the fun by participating in our Shop Local Challenge, Scavenger Hunt, Window Decorating Contest, and Cash Mob.

Shop Local Challenge

Shop at any locally owned independent business and get a chance to win $100. Keep your receipts and turn them in at the City of Lincolnton Business and Community Development Office on or before July 14th to enter. 

Find Your Independents Scavenger Hunt
While you’re shopping locally owned independent businesses, pick up a Find Your Independents game card at participating businesses and find all 'scavenger hunt' items for a chance to win a bunch of cool prizes. 

July 4th Window Decorating Contest
Local independent businesses will be decorating their store front windows with a patriotic theme for the City of Lincolnton's July 4th celebration. While the City of Lincolnton July 4th Celebration organizers judge the windows, feel free to share your compliments with the businesses on their windows.

Cash Mob
Lastly, be sure you come out on Saturday, July 7th at 11:00am to the City of Lincolnton Business & Community Development Office at 114 East Main Street. Citizens will assemble for a reading of the Declaration of Independents Mayoral Proclamation and revelation of the local business that will be 'mobbed.' Then the cash mobster will spend $10 or more at the selected business.

For more details on each of these events contact Events and Marketing Specialist Intern Ivana Baric at the Downtown Development Association of Lincolnton.

So don't hesitate, celebrate locally owned independent businesses July 1st-14th by taking part in our many festivites that are sure to be fun for all!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

March First Friday Coffee and Conversation to Discuss Downtown Events

First Friday Coffee and Conversation (FFCC) is Friday morning at 8am at Court Street Grille (Special Location) We have invited all the volunteer representives responsible for the various downtown special events to be with us. If you have suggestions or ideas concerning Alive After Five, Apple Festival, Art Crawl, Hog Happenin' Lovable Lincolnton Wine & Art Fest or any other downtown event come share your ideas.

Designed to be a small informal discussion group to give downtown business and property owners and interested citizens the chance to express their opinions, make suggestions and ask questions about downtown and the community in general. FFCC encourages social interaction among citizens and builds community.

The idea for the Coffee and Conversation series is rooted in the community planning concept of “Third Places” popularized by Ray Oldenburg in his Book--The Great Good Place. The “first place’ is the home and the people one lives with. The ‘second place’ is the work place where everyone spends most of their time. Third places are meeting places such as cafes or coffee houses the ‘anchors’ of community life that facilitate and foster creative interaction and are welcoming and comfortable.

A community's well-being is dependent on the quality of relationships among the citizens of that community. Infrastructure, roads, water, sewer, electricity and housing provides the shell within which people live. It is within this shell that people do the things together that allow them to sustain livelihoods. These include but are not limited to education, health care, business, recreation, and spiritual celebration. People working together with shared understandings and expectations are what provide a place of strong community.

You're invited to this uniquely local experience. Each month a business or community leader will be invited to participate in the conversation. There are no formal presentations or programs. The topics for discussion will be focused on whatever interests those that attend. The event is BYOC--That's Buy Your Own Coffee.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lovable Lincolnton Possibility Tour

Stop 1:

Court Square Stadium 10 Cinemas

A new movie theater with ten screens and stadium seating could be the newest coming attraction to the Court Square in Lincolnton. The multi-million dollar project could go up on what is now the parking lot for the Citizens’ center. Not only will it fill a hole left by the loss of the Historic North State Hotel but it will also energize downtown Lincolnton at night for restaurants and other businesses. A movie theater will be a huge catalyst for after-hours activity downtown.

And the use of this state of the art facility won’t be limited to just ‘coming attractions’ at night. It could also function as a meeting facility during the day hosting public and private clients that require breakout rooms for conference sessions and/or presentations. New food service facilities would complement the new meeting space and enhance and expand the use of the existing James Warren Citizens Center auditorium.

Don’t fret about where to park. New public parking areas will be included in the project. Built adjacent to the theater on the Water Street block between Government and High Streets, the new parking area will be easily accessible for daytime use as well as for moviegoers and will accommodate existing and additional vehicles.

The elaborately decorated art deco architecture of the new building will harken back to the days of the grand classically-styled movie palaces of the 1920s and 30s that ‘made the average citizen feel like royalty’ and yet with a nod to the simpler stylings of the curve on the Beaux Arts Reinhardt building across the street, the new theater will complement and fit in with the existing architecture downtown.

This is a sneak peek of the exciting possibilities that exist downtown…Soon six more stops on the Lovable Lincolnton Possibilities tour will be revealed.