Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lovable Lincolnton Possibility Tour

Stop 1:

Court Square Stadium 10 Cinemas

A new movie theater with ten screens and stadium seating could be the newest coming attraction to the Court Square in Lincolnton. The multi-million dollar project could go up on what is now the parking lot for the Citizens’ center. Not only will it fill a hole left by the loss of the Historic North State Hotel but it will also energize downtown Lincolnton at night for restaurants and other businesses. A movie theater will be a huge catalyst for after-hours activity downtown.

And the use of this state of the art facility won’t be limited to just ‘coming attractions’ at night. It could also function as a meeting facility during the day hosting public and private clients that require breakout rooms for conference sessions and/or presentations. New food service facilities would complement the new meeting space and enhance and expand the use of the existing James Warren Citizens Center auditorium.

Don’t fret about where to park. New public parking areas will be included in the project. Built adjacent to the theater on the Water Street block between Government and High Streets, the new parking area will be easily accessible for daytime use as well as for moviegoers and will accommodate existing and additional vehicles.

The elaborately decorated art deco architecture of the new building will harken back to the days of the grand classically-styled movie palaces of the 1920s and 30s that ‘made the average citizen feel like royalty’ and yet with a nod to the simpler stylings of the curve on the Beaux Arts Reinhardt building across the street, the new theater will complement and fit in with the existing architecture downtown.

This is a sneak peek of the exciting possibilities that exist downtown…Soon six more stops on the Lovable Lincolnton Possibilities tour will be revealed.


johnburke said...

This would one of the greatest thing to be done to downtown since the beging of time.lincolnton needs to be put on the map again.we need more businesses to open and bring the people here to keep our town running before we go under.this would be awsume.awsume.lets get it started asap.great great great.

Maureen said...

I'm reading that this is only a possibility and not a guaranteed. For that I am truly disappointed. I think that putting a theater there would be a phenomenal idea, one that would definitely boost Lincolnton's economy and attraction to others. What can we do to make this a reality?

ismael torres said...

Agree. I think maybe this needs to be more than a possibility, by adding this will be a great idea not only for movie goers but for many as this can possibly ring new jobs to the area.

Jo Hill said...

I am contemplating permanently moving to Lincolnton from up north in the near future. I have visited your city twice in the last two years; and, I much admire the people and their way of life. I sense the past history walking through the downtown area and side streets, yet, I can envision a very "vibrant" economic future for the area, especially downtown. Anything in life is possible, so we're told, however, only Lincolntonians can make it happen - all those old beautiful buildings and historic houses didn't just appear - Lincolntonians from the past had "vision" and then "acted" on their visions which resulted in prosperity - ya'll should open your eyes and look yonder for ideas and plans for the future - you can start by addressing the eyesores downtown (I was aghast at a couple of “business?”) - they are preventing progress and sustaining economic depression - you need more than a movie theater plan - which is a good start - Viva Lincolnton!